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The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life

The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life is non-profit organization (NGO). Our aim is to bring to the public the most complete and accurate information about the facts of human life in order to protect the unborn children and their mothers from the pain and devastation of abortion. We focus on educating Polish pro-lifers how to defend human life from the conception till natural death. The statute aims are realized in publishing and lobbing.

The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life is the editor of a magazine "Service for Life", which is concerned with pro-life issues. Each issue is devoted to reliable compilation of one topic. Highly respected Polish scientists coming from the main scientific centers in Poland write the articles.

Up till now, the following issues were published:

  • John Paul II in defence of life
  • A human being from the very conception - scientists about the beginning of life
  • Post-abortion syndrome
  • Governmental report about realization of Life Protecting Act in years 1998 and 1999
  • Development of a human being starting from conception till the birth
  • Demographical situation of Poland
  • Pornography - the degradation of mankind
  • the 25th March - The Day Of Sacredness of Life
  • Consequences of abortion for woman's health
  • In captivity of pornography
  • The giants of human life protection
  • Nicotinism
  • AIDS prevention
  • Sex education
  • Euthanasia

The issue of the overpopulation myth is being prepared.

"Service for Life" (circulation from 20 000 to 100 000 copies) is sent for free to parliamentarians, politicians, doctors, teachers, students and journalists.
All the archival issues are easily accessible to reach on the web site: www.pro-life.pl

The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life has edited four million copies of pro-life articles in dozens of newspapers and magazines for four years. The President of The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life has regular lectures in local radio broadcasting stations concerning these issues. The Association has organized press conferences, panel discussions, lectures and seminaries promoting the respect for human life from the beginning till natural death. Specialists from different countries have taken part in them. The Polish Association for the Protection of Human Life has prepared 50 000 of posters, informing about the beginning of life, development of a baby before the birth and the pregnancy hygiene. It has delivered them to hospitals, surgeries and schools.
The leaflets, posters and give outs issued by The Association are regularly distributed in the US, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia.
The Polish Association for Human Life Protection prepared a series of twenty photos of unborn children (starting from the eighth week till the sixth month of pregnancy). These photos are available to scientific centers and to pro-life organizations both inside and outside of Poland. They are available on www.pro-life.pl/dzieci.html
The Association was involved in the national action connected with the Polish integration with European Union. The aim was to ensure the Polish law protecting right to life after the integration with EU. Unfortunately, the Polish government was not interested in such a guarantee.

Engineer Antoni Zięba Ph. D.
the President of the Association

Born: 1948, Jaworzno
Education: 1981- doctorate Civil Engineering Department
- since 1971 lecturer at Cracow University of Technology
- redactor of: - Catholic Families Weekly "¬ródło" ("Spring"), Catholic Teenagers Weekly "Droga" ("A Way"), Catholic Teachers and Tutors Monthly "Wychowawca" ("Tutor"), "Service for Life"


  • over forty scientific and technical publications
  • lots of articles concerning protection of the unborn child
  • organizing of scientific seminaries
  • participation in conferences and in international congresses
  • co-organizer of two National Marches to Protect Human Life


  • John Paul II Fund Price for the pro-life activity
  • The Polish Senate's Medal for protection of life
  • Medal of the National Education Commission of merits for education


  • Polish Federation of Pro-Life Movements (vice-president)
  • The Association of Catholic Journalists (vice-president)
  • The "¬ródło" ("Spring") Fund


  • Intensification of education devoted to promoting respect for human life from the conception till the natural death.

The Polish Association for Human Life Protection, in its pro-life activity, uses:

  • scientific arguments (proving that human life starts at the moment of conception)
  • international legislation acts (assuring, as Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Convention on the Rights of the Child - a right of every human being to life)
  • humanistic values (absolute respect for a human being, which was professed by John Paul II, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Mahatma Gandhi)

on 26 November, 1999 Pope John Paul II granted the audience to Antoni Zięba, the president of the Polish Association for Human Life Protection.

The Polish Association for Human Life Protection
Address: 15 Pytlasińskiego Street
30-698 Kraków
Bank account: BSK SA O/Kraków

Address: 17 Mikołajska Street
31-027 Kraków
phone and fax number:
+48 12 421 08 43
e-mail: pro-life@pro-life.pl

All the members of Polish Association for Human Life Protection work for free, and the statute activity is possible thanks to sponsors' gifts.
The Polish Association for Human Life Protection was registered on the 25th March 1999 in Local Court in Kraków Civil Department I. It was written in part A of the association register (number: Ns. Rej. St. 35/99).